TARC 2021-2022

2022TARC Info.png

TARC 2021-2022 Challenge .....

  • Cost to join our team is $150 (Donation to STEM+C Inc) + $20 for downloading RocSim. $170 total

  • It is highly recommended that the students have a laptop (PC)

  • Payload is (2) eggs, 56 to 59 mm long, that must be carried sideways inside the body tube

  • Target altitude is 835ft

  • Flight duration time of 41-44 seconds

  • Rocket must be constructed of two different body tube diameters. one containing the eggs, the other containing the motor or motors

  • Each body tube must be at least 150mm long or longer

  • All parts of the rocket must be recovered connected together

  • Rockets must be at least 650mm long

  • Flying weight cannot exceed 650grams (Liftoff weight)

  • Limited to 80N-sec of installed total impulse.

First meeting dates are Oct 13 and 14 at 5:00pm-7:00pm.  You can attend both dates or just one date.

Oct. 20, 21 at 5:00-7:00pm.  You can attend both dates or just one

  • Parent permission slips are due 

  • Make sure to download Fusion 360 student version (See above)

  • Refine our Rocket designs

  • New students will build a store bought rocket kit.

  • Start building our first test rockets, paying particular attention to the weight constraints (650g)

  • Use Fusion 360 to design and print nose cones, and transition pieces