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With STEM+C and Fly Time Aviation


Located in Chandler Arizona


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Flight Instructors

45 min Discovery Flight: on sale for $50

To set-up a discovery flight, contact Jason or AJ



Flight instruction: $50/hr

Ground instruction: $25/hr

1976 Cessna 150M: $95/hr

$89/hr with 10hr block purchase

To purchase the 10 hour block

How much can I anticipate to spend to get my Private Pilot License with STEM+C

What is the cost of various professional flight programs (ASU, CAE, AeroGuard, Etc.)

(PDF Cost Comparison)


New Renter Steps

New Renter Test

Aircraft Rental Agreement 

Cessna 150 POH

N9140U Weight and Balance

N9140U Airworthiness Certificate

N9140U Registration

N9140U Maintenance Status


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For more information Email us at: stemplusc@gmail.com

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