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Discovery Flight Info.

Come on out and see what it is like to fly. If learning to fly an airplane has always been something you wanted to do, let us take you up in our Cessna 150 Commuter and show you why we love to fly.

Scheduling a Discovery Flight allows you to fly with one of our Certified Flight Instructors and provides you with the opportunity to experience the feeling of flying in a small aircraft. or pm us for more info. We are located in Chandler Arizona.

To set-up a discovery flight, contact Darren, Sara or Trevor

or contact Paul at 708 359 5289 or stemplusc@gmail.com

To pay for the Discovery flight we use Zelle. 

The cost of a discovery flight is $75 and can be sent through Zelle to journeyaircraft@gmail.com,

or pay with cash or check at the time of your flight.

Flight instruction: $50/hr

Ground instruction: $25/hr

1976 Cessna 150M: $95/hr

$89/hr with 10hr block purchase ($890)

To purchase a 10 hour block, Zelle $890 to journeyaircraft@gmail.com

How much can I anticipate to spend to get my Private Pilot License with STEM+C

What is the cost of various professional flight programs (ASU, CAE, AeroGuard, Etc.)

(PDF Cost Comparison)


New Renter Steps

New Renter Test

Aircraft Rental Agreement 

Cessna 150 POH

N9140U Weight and Balance

N9140U Airworthiness Certificate

N9140U Registration

N9140U Maintenance Status

Flight Schedule Pro

For more information Email us at: stemplusc@gmail.com

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