STEM+C Raffle

We are raffling (2) of our 49" tall Falcon 9 display rockets complete with flames.  The funds raised will be going to support our projects and programs with the students and to expand our outreach.  STEM+C is trying to establish a Learning Center/Workshop, along with 10-15 acres of land which will be used as a flying site for rockets, RC airplane, and multi-rotor flying.  Winners will be drawn by one of our Rocketry students on or about Thanksgiving (exact date TBD).  The rockets will ship shortly after that.  Just in time for the holidays.
  • Winner pays shipping.
  • Winner can choose the decal scheme (Crew Demo Version, or regular configuration.
How to enter the raffle.
  • Click the donation button below (All donations are tax deductible)
  • $5.00 for 1 ticket
  • $20 for 5 tickets

About STEM+C

STEM+C : Science, Technology, Engineering, Math + Creativity

STEM+C Inc. is a 501c3 not for profit.

STEM+C creates bold, innovative challenges to capture our nation’s

younger generation’s attention and spirit.  We engage students as young as 5th grade through University with our projects, programs, and challenges in Aerospace, Aeronautics, and Aviation.

These projects and programs are our attempt to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. Our goal is to get students excited about those career fields. Our aerospace projects are not unlike any aerospace project that any aerospace company would try to attempt. The missions can be accomplished, but it will take planning, experimentation, discovery, engineering, design, build, and construction. There is no guarantee of success. Through all of our planning and testing, we plan for the best. 

We believe this aspect of education got lost somewhere in the history of education. Our education system has evolved into teaching students how to pass tests. Our education system has gotten bogged down in teaching the students “What to think”, not “How to think”. We as a nation, have managed to uninspire the next generation. We as a nation no longer set bold innovative goals.  

This is our attempt to change that. These projects teach the students how these types of projects are conducted in real life. The students learn through the actual process of success and failure. The students learn through creative innovation when building their aerospace vehicles. The launch day is not unlike any SpaceX or NASA launch, all of our planning, experimenting, checking and double checking comes down to the final second of the countdown clock. 

That is real life problem solving.

To help support our projects and programs and to help us expand, please consider a tax deductible donation.  Thank you, we sincerely appreciate your support.