The LED STEM Wing ARF comes with the following ... 


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LED lights.  After burner color?  Wing Color?


Needs battery, controller, and reciver.

This battery is perfect ... RDQ 3s 2200mAh


Build Video:


Flight Video:



- Fully build STEM Wing, just hot glue on the winglets (Black)

- 2 Prelaminated winglets (Black)

-1 3d Printed motor mount (Green)

-1 3d printed Foxeer Arrow Camera Mount (Green)

-1 Cobra CM1806/30 2450KV motor

-1 20Amp ESC (EMAX  or Skywalker, or now shipping with ZOHD 30amp ESC)

-2 Piano wires

-2 Emax 9g servos

-2 Black servo horns

-2 Servo connectors (Pins)

-Velcro for battery

-2 5x3 Props, and (1) 5x7.5 prop

-RDQ Mach3, 5.8ghz Video Transmitter

-Foxeer Foxeer Micro Cat 3 1200TVL 0.00001lux Super Low Light Night Camera

-CG is located 4" (103mm) aft of the nose (see photo) in the description

STEM Wing, ARF (Almost Ready To Fly)

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    (Pre-Oreder) LED STEM Wing ARF, with the Foxeer Cat3 micro