Everything you need to build a full up FPV wing.

Needs battery, controller, and reciver.

This battery is perfect ... RDQ 3s 2200mAh


Build Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSOF_IwLWCQ&t=24s


Flight Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXoFFmh0Hkg&t=147s



This wing needs to be laminated.  We supply the 10mil and 5 mil laminate, its up to you to do the laminating and the build out.

-you get the foam wings and fuselage

-2  un-laminated winglets 

-2 un-laminated elevons

-1 3d Printed motor mount

-1 Cobra CM1806/30 2450KV motor

-1 Zohd 30a esc

-2 Piano wires

-2 Emax 9g servos

-2 Black and 2 green servo horns

-2 Servo connectors (Pins)

-Velcro for battery

-(2) 5x3 props and (1) 5X7.5 prop

-(1) RDQ MACH 3, 5.8ghz VTX 

-(1) Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro Camera 

-CG is located 4" (103mm) aft of the nose (see photo) in the description


Volume discount pricing.  For volume discount orders contact us at stemplusc@gmail.com

for orders of 10 or more ... $132.00/kit

for orders of 20 or more ... $128.00/kit

for orders of 30 or more ... $123.00/kit

STEM Wing build kit (motor, ESC, servos, and FPV electronics, you laminate it).

$135.00 Regular Price
$121.50Sale Price