This is to sign up one students in grades 7th - 12th for UAS4STEM.  

Registration is open from Sept 1st through Dec 31, 2020.

The UAS4STEM season will run from February 1st through May 2021. 

Students will meet the team leader and the team at the beginning of February 2021. 

Student will meet one evening per week for 1-2 hours as necessary starting in February 2021.   (maybe on Sat or Sun), we are flexible and will work on meeting dates that work for all students.) Longer meeting may be necessary once in a while to accomodate building or test flying.

Meetings will be held at 1860 East Appleyby Road, Gilbert Az, 85298

Your fee pays for the QuadCopter parts, pieces, and helps support the student team leaders.

If the team makes it to nationals, there will be extra fee's for traveling to nationals 

STEM+C will provide a Team Lead, and a Co-Team lead to work with the students.